Fyns Harley Meeting 2018

Wellcome to Fyns Harley Meeting 2018. 

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Fyns Harley Meeting 2018 - july 27 to 29.

Every year Harley Davidson Club of Denmark, District 2 is hosting an International Harley Meeting where bikers from Fyn and the surrounding countries meets. Only 30 Euro for the full package: breakfast, live bands, beach party, fun and entertainment.

Here are some memories from the 2017 party.

See photo Rally

See movie 2016

 Do not miss out "Dangerous Thursday" before the meeting - free entance!

Camping area open thursday.

Affordable prices on food and beer.

"Oktoberfest" theme party. Book your Wienerschnitzel via SMS +45 40 31 74 20. Pls. state your name. The prize is 100.- DEK (14 Euro)

More info: naestformand@hdcf.dk - Jan Moeller


Posters Thursday and Friday thru sunday!

Torsdag 2018

 Fyns Harley Meeting 2018